Auto-Magical Code Enrichment.  Effortless Organization. 10x Better Search.

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Same Slack search box, 10x better code search results

BetterCode auto-generates titles, descriptions, tags and language labels when it enriches messages.

So now you and your team can easily search and find snippets using natural language!

All Snippets. One Channel. Automatically.

When you add BetterCode to a Slack Channel, it automatically creates a dedicated #️⃣all-snippets channel and duplicates the snippets there for easy browsing and search.

No more hunting through multiple channels to find that snippet someone sent. You already know where it is😎

Upgrade how you share and find code in Slack

Automatically format and highlight code in Slack

BetterCode detects Slack messages with code and replies in thread with a formatted, highlighted copy of the snippet.

So your teammates can easily read and copy the code.

Get sensitive code alerts

Sometimes code gets shared in messages with sensitive info inside - API keys, security tokens, application secrets and more.

BetterCode detects, extracts and isolates sensitive data in thread for an easy review.

Coming Soon!

That code was written by someone! Search by Related People

Snippets often include usernames (e.g. Github), Twitter handles, email address, names and more.

BetterCode tags profiles inside code as Related People to make search easier.

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